Thursday, March 13, 2014

Things That Annoy Me Part 2: My organization and memorization

So, as you can tell by now, both of those suck.  Badly.  I can't remain organized enough to set aside time for a blog, and I can't remember it even if I do.  In my defense I can now blame it on work and school.  Which honestly my organization and memorization are terrible there to.  I have one notebook for everything, all stuffed in the bottom of my 'Bag of Wonder'.  So this often leads to me forgetting about an assignment until last minute.  Then I have to rush it and get it done in that class because I can't work on it at home because of work.  Then at work we get to play this fun memorization game where we have to learn a much of stuff that restates its self a little differently each time.  I  get paid minimum wage to work my butt off and memorize stuff.  Doesn't fast food sound like fun?  Oh yeah, I didn't mention that did I?  No, I don't work for a nice or even semi-nice restaurant where it would be understandable.  No.  I work for fast food.  52% of our customers couldn't give a rats ass if we work smarter not harder, as long as we get them their food fresh, fast, and it tastes good. Well this went from things that annoy me to rant really fast.  Oh well.  Same thing.  See, it's another example of how crappy my organization skills are.... It's 1:30am... I have to wake up at 6am for school, work at 4:30.... I should probably go to bed now.  At least I remembered that!

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