Monday, September 16, 2013

Things that annoy me part 1: Religion

Firstly, I have nothing against religious people, nor nonrelgious people.
Secondly, Just because I argue in favor of something does not mean I agree, or condone it, and this does not mean that I don't agree or condone with the things I argue for.
Hmm. Religion. This is one of the trickiest things to rant about. Firstly, I'll state: I know close to nothing about it. And no, I don't want to. I believe what I believe and if you respect that I'll respect whatever you believe. Simple as that. And another thing, religion is one of those things that you don't want to argue with me about in person. Because if you're one of those people that only you can be write I'll be one to and I'll argue science. And believe me I'll win. I argue in favor of religion against atheist and it never wins, but I do learn how to make you question every ounce of your faith. Whether I believe in a God or multiple ones or Heaven or Hell is not the point here, because I am 100% unsure myself. At the end of the day I believe what I believe (I may end up stating what exactly that is on most days at some point but probably not.) and it's not always the same but there isn't a thing you can do to change my mind.
                                                               Okay, now lets get this ball a'rollin'.
      It's not so much that religion it's self annoys me, but religious (okay, So I really only know Christians.) people, and not all of them. Just the ones that fit the stereotypes, there's to many though! Saying that I'm tempted to change the title to 'Some Religious people' instead, but we'll see where this goes in the next 15 minutes. Oookay so last week when I said I would write about religion, I had a better Idea of what to say than I do now. I should had just wrote it then. Dang it. But I guess we'll start with my they annoy me.
                                                Religious people always know what God hates.
      It's one thing to have a religion. It's one thing to belong to a religion. It's one thing to be controlled by a religion. It's one thing to be religious. But it's an entirely different thing to be obsessed with religion, or to try and control other peoples religions. The people that you see in front of the white house with signs saying 'God hates fags' and 'Fags are going to Hell' well you know what? Maybe he does, but have you asked him? Does it say anywhere it the Bible (if it does please correct me and tell me the exact line) anything other than 'man shall not lie with man' because you can take that anyway you want. Speaking in old language women are sometimes referred to as 'man' because it's a species. But nope. You'd rather see that and think 'God hates fags' instead of  'Don't have sex' why? because you enjoy one of them and the other grosses you out. But you know what? Maybe he didn't want the world to be as big as it is. Maybe he wanted humans and animals to share it evenly and for humans to eventually die out not take over the entire thing. 'he wouldn't want that. or he wouldn't have created us.' Well I'm pretty sure he created the animals to and most of you enjoy killing them for fun you heartless jerks. But that's not my point. My point is stop telling us what he hates and doesn't hate. Because I'm pretty sure somewhere in the Good Ol' Book it says 'Thou shalt not judge' or something like that. I says something about when you die he will judge you and he's judgement is the only one that matters. So I just want to pick up a sign 'Maybe He hates judgmental jerks! But I don't know I've never met him. Have you? Would you like to? Stop being judgmental and let God be in charge of their fate. Worry about your own. Because think of how many times someone who is gay is bullied and called fag and told God hates them, think of how many of those hear it so often they commit suicide. Eventually that stuff gets to people and when they do, the blood may be on their hands, and they may or may not be punished for not being strong enough, but at the end of the day, God sees what you did. He sees how you tortured the gay boy and told him that God hates him and don't think God won't see your part in his death to.'
                    Well now that I just told you you're going to Hell for saying Gays will let's move on
                              Religious people get to determine what's right and wrong for everyone.
              This one will probably be fairly short. Not everyone is a religious person with a soul or empathy or a heart so stop telling them what to do! Okay, well that pretty much wraps that one up. Guess I'm done now. My fifteen minutes are up and I've said what I feel really needs to be said. So I may come back and add on or I may not. We'll see where the procrastination takes me.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rant #4: A really touchy subject.

     Here is the follow up to the post where I mentioned it would have a longer follow up.
I would like to start by saying that I apologize ahead for the horrible organization and all that good stuff. I’m very jittery and will change topics often. Most will be touchy subjects. You’ve been warned. But it was brought on by a picture I saw earlier on the Being Liberal page (I liked it so it would stop recommending it) and the comments on it. Here ->

      Secondly, this is my rant over my opinions about… well we’ll see where it goes. Don’t get offended. I’ll probably touch on a few stereotypes, if you’re part of a group I mention and don’t belong to the stereotype, well then good for you. This isn’t made to offend. Okey doke. How do I start this? Well I’ll start with me rewriting (because that’ll make it better and worse. and a whole Hell of a lot longer.) my comment on the picture. and then we’ll see where it takes us…. This isn’t like my normal rants. I apologize. But I’ll probably end up arguing both sides.

First topic: Abortion. (see touchy subject right? I’ll state here that in no way do I support abortion. At all. But it’s your choice you have to live with. Not mine. So it’s your business not mine.)

   When it comes to the topic of abortion the first things you hear from the people against it are “You shouldn’t be having sex if you’re not ready for a child.” Firstly, while some of you may have a right to say that half of you probably weren’t married when you had a kid, weren’t ready when you had a kid, and started having sex before you were ready. I’m not judging, you’re human. What else can you expect. Everyone makes mistakes.
   Then we see the “It’s what adoption is for.” Yes, adoption is good. But think of it. Foster homes, adoption centers, and such things are packed because of all the children that have to be given up. Have you heard the reports on some of the foster homes? While yes, there are a lot of good ones there are also a lot of horrible ones full of people just in it for the money. “The laws and codes have gotten better.” yeah yeah yeah. Hush. We’re just finding out about kids who have been kidnapped for 18 years living next door to everyday people. Law enforcement still needs work. It’ll be perfect nor catch everyone who needs to be caught. No offense.
   Next we have “Some people can’t have kids. It’s not fair that you’ll give up a kid and prevent others from having kids.” *See above, adoptions* Not everyone gets an abortion right now. And there will always be tons of people who won’t because of religious/moral views.
   Anyway, “Why should our tax dollars go to paying for the killing of unborn children?” You pay for the food, and water of people who have murdered and tortured innocent people. It’s messed up. Very much so. But so is everything. Plus I really don’t see why I should have to pay tax dollars toward courts and law enforcement and all that stuff. I shouldn’t have to pay just because you need someone to catch the guy that robbed you on the side of the street. Not my fault you can’t protect yourself now is it? See what kind of sense does that make….
    Then there’s the (Really touchy subject coming up, read with an open mind or stop reading.) “It’s wrong.” According to what? Religion.  Not everyone follows your religion and not everyone ever will. There’s a fantastic reasoning behind ‘The separation of Church and State’ Not everyone goes to church. Not everyone has a religion and not every religion is the same. If it was the world would be a much more peaceful place wouldn’t it? Anyway, just because you don’t think something is right doesn’t mean you should be allowed to take away that choice for everyone else does it? If that was the case… Okay don’t know enough about religions to have a valid point here. I was going to say ‘Atheists would take away religion, *STEREOTYPE WARNING* Christians (stressing the take no offense. Not all Christians are like this, but we can all admit there are some. and I’m not judging. their choice not mine.) would take away… well everything.’ those are the only ones I know about. So I can’t really have a valid point on this one. But I’ll do my research and rant about religion next Sunday, on my blog.  Anyway where was I? Oh yes, the abortion topic. So, yeah. My point is. Just because you and a lot of others believe something is wrong doesn’t mean you should get to decide that for everyone. Because just as many if not more people may believe it’s right. Or that it should be their choice to chose not yours. Look at the Amish. They don’t use electricity, they don’t demand that everyone shouldn’t. They don’t judge those who use it. Hek, they even allow their children to go out into the world and check things out before they choose to live the Amish life. Yet a lot people accuse their children of ‘going off the path’ or ‘going towards Satan’ if they even have friends of a different religion. But here I am ranting about religion way to early, and getting off topic. I’ll stop now. Anyway lets argue the supporters of abortion.
   Okay, the supporting side is more difficult because not many supporters voice it… over the internet that is. But I guess the main one is “What if a female is raped?” There’s really nothing to argue about that though. I mean you can argue both sides, but at the end of the day, she’s just been traumatized her. Are you really going to tell her that she has to be made fun of in school or church or anywhere for nine months while she carries a child by the worse kind of person? And she’ll have to live with it forever. ‘oh she had a kid when she was _ _’ ‘She gave her child up for adoption, she should have kept her legs closed’ You can think of a thousand more. Are you really going to tell her that she has to go through that? Because you don’t think it’s right for her (Most people will want to skip this part) kill an unborn, child that can’t feel, can’t think, and will never know what’s happening, while she will feel the sting of every insult laid upon her?  That just seems a bit messed up to me. I can’t think of any other arguments for the supporting side, but I think that one will work just fine. While it may seem that I am condoning it, I’m not. But in some circumstances it is understandable. But if you don’t fit the circumstances it’s still your choice. Not mine. So do what you will.
   Topic 2: Animal abuse. (yes, I did just connect these to. and some of you may want to skip this part entirely.)
    I find it a bit messed up that people will fight for unborn, unfeeling, unthinking, unbreathing member of a race with a population of over 7 billion until the end of their lives but when acted about animal rights ‘I don’t care. Animals aren’t people’. No but people are animals. I’ve already touched on this subject before so I’ll just wrap this up real quick. Humans can kill any animal that steps into their territory for ‘fear of their safety’ when it may be simply looking for food to support itself and family but if we go into an animal's habitat and approach it and it’s baby with some foreign object like a camera and it attacks us it’s savage and we will kill it for protecting itself and family. That’s a bit messed up also.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Randomness #3: The Past

   We all have those days where it's perfect. The sun's shining, the temperature is almost perfect and you can't wait until it is time for you to go outside. Then BAM! Thinking of the past. Now you're mood is completely different. In this rant I'm going to stress right now that this is directed at the general public based on personal experiences. I'm saying this because this is one of those subjects that I have no idea where I'm taking it. Okay, so back on subject.
      The past is annoying to think about because pretty much everything in it you miss, and what you don't miss, well there's a reason you don't miss it isn't there?

    The past is filled with so much. The places we grew up that we don't get to be everyday.  The friends we made, the friends we lost. The family we never got to know, the family we knew all to well, and the family that we knew for so long only for them to to no longer be here. (I know, there's a better way to phrase that, I just can't figure it out.)
     The past if filled with so many memories and the tiniest thing can bring back a thousand. A picture, a place, a smell, view, even a ray of sun. It's the perfect days that bring on the most powerful memories of all. When the sun is just right, the clouds are perfect, the temperature amazing. These days are the days we long for. The days we spend all year waiting for. But when it comes for the first time in a long time it brings back so much. On these days the past isn't sad. It's...sullen. Yeah, sullen, that seems like the right word. It makes you just want to lay outside and remember. Remember the good times, remember the bad. Remember those you've loved, those who loved you, and those in between.

   The past can reveal so many things about who we used to be, but none of what we are. The way you deal with the past today makes you who you are tomorrow.

   Okay, that last line couldn't have sounded more cliche, but it's true. The only way the past can tell us who we are is the way we deal with it. If we deal with it in a bitter way, we're a bitter person. If we never let go of it we'll never move on. That's one thing about the past. Some people live in it. They can't accept that it's the past. They have to get it back. But it's the past for a reason. If you can't let go of your past, you can't move on to the future. Some people (I used to be one) spend weeks, months, years, even a life time living in the past and trying to get it back, that they don't realize how many opportunities that they're missing out on. But once they finally realize it and make one of the hardest decisions in the world- moving on from what's holding you back- their world is opened up and they see the opportunities. Just seeing the things that could be will put you in a so much better place than constantly staring at the things that were. 
   Whether it's a job, a life, a relationship, what ever it could possibly be, there are so many better ones out in the world waiting. Waiting on you to look forward and see them.
    So when it comes to the past, don't forget it. There's so many important memories, while they may not seem like it now when you take an occasion to look back in the future you'll want to remember. The people, the places, the jobs, the achievements, the fails. They make you what you are. But only you can decide who you will be. If you live in the past you'll miss out so much. Every day of living in the past is another missed opportunity, Everyday living for that day is so many opportunities you could have, but every day living for tomorrow is so many opportunities that you can have if you just try.
   Moral of the story? Relish in the past when you can, on the occasion but don't live there. Move on with life and take every opportunity you can.

Yes, I'm aware I went through 50 topics and ended on one that had nothing to do with any of them. But hey the blogs or for my random thoughts. Bye :)