Monday, September 16, 2013

Things that annoy me part 1: Religion

Firstly, I have nothing against religious people, nor nonrelgious people.
Secondly, Just because I argue in favor of something does not mean I agree, or condone it, and this does not mean that I don't agree or condone with the things I argue for.
Hmm. Religion. This is one of the trickiest things to rant about. Firstly, I'll state: I know close to nothing about it. And no, I don't want to. I believe what I believe and if you respect that I'll respect whatever you believe. Simple as that. And another thing, religion is one of those things that you don't want to argue with me about in person. Because if you're one of those people that only you can be write I'll be one to and I'll argue science. And believe me I'll win. I argue in favor of religion against atheist and it never wins, but I do learn how to make you question every ounce of your faith. Whether I believe in a God or multiple ones or Heaven or Hell is not the point here, because I am 100% unsure myself. At the end of the day I believe what I believe (I may end up stating what exactly that is on most days at some point but probably not.) and it's not always the same but there isn't a thing you can do to change my mind.
                                                               Okay, now lets get this ball a'rollin'.
      It's not so much that religion it's self annoys me, but religious (okay, So I really only know Christians.) people, and not all of them. Just the ones that fit the stereotypes, there's to many though! Saying that I'm tempted to change the title to 'Some Religious people' instead, but we'll see where this goes in the next 15 minutes. Oookay so last week when I said I would write about religion, I had a better Idea of what to say than I do now. I should had just wrote it then. Dang it. But I guess we'll start with my they annoy me.
                                                Religious people always know what God hates.
      It's one thing to have a religion. It's one thing to belong to a religion. It's one thing to be controlled by a religion. It's one thing to be religious. But it's an entirely different thing to be obsessed with religion, or to try and control other peoples religions. The people that you see in front of the white house with signs saying 'God hates fags' and 'Fags are going to Hell' well you know what? Maybe he does, but have you asked him? Does it say anywhere it the Bible (if it does please correct me and tell me the exact line) anything other than 'man shall not lie with man' because you can take that anyway you want. Speaking in old language women are sometimes referred to as 'man' because it's a species. But nope. You'd rather see that and think 'God hates fags' instead of  'Don't have sex' why? because you enjoy one of them and the other grosses you out. But you know what? Maybe he didn't want the world to be as big as it is. Maybe he wanted humans and animals to share it evenly and for humans to eventually die out not take over the entire thing. 'he wouldn't want that. or he wouldn't have created us.' Well I'm pretty sure he created the animals to and most of you enjoy killing them for fun you heartless jerks. But that's not my point. My point is stop telling us what he hates and doesn't hate. Because I'm pretty sure somewhere in the Good Ol' Book it says 'Thou shalt not judge' or something like that. I says something about when you die he will judge you and he's judgement is the only one that matters. So I just want to pick up a sign 'Maybe He hates judgmental jerks! But I don't know I've never met him. Have you? Would you like to? Stop being judgmental and let God be in charge of their fate. Worry about your own. Because think of how many times someone who is gay is bullied and called fag and told God hates them, think of how many of those hear it so often they commit suicide. Eventually that stuff gets to people and when they do, the blood may be on their hands, and they may or may not be punished for not being strong enough, but at the end of the day, God sees what you did. He sees how you tortured the gay boy and told him that God hates him and don't think God won't see your part in his death to.'
                    Well now that I just told you you're going to Hell for saying Gays will let's move on
                              Religious people get to determine what's right and wrong for everyone.
              This one will probably be fairly short. Not everyone is a religious person with a soul or empathy or a heart so stop telling them what to do! Okay, well that pretty much wraps that one up. Guess I'm done now. My fifteen minutes are up and I've said what I feel really needs to be said. So I may come back and add on or I may not. We'll see where the procrastination takes me.

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