Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rant # 2: People and texting

     There are many many things I could say about this topic, but the thing that's annoying me today is when you text someone for two or so solid weeks and talk about everything possible, you occasionally still text but it gets boring fast. Then one day they say, "You never text me anymore". So you text them, and the conversation goes something like this:  Me: Hey.     Them: Hey :)     Me: What's up?   Them: nm u    Me: Just laying around bored. Them: Cool (or) lol  (conversation killer)  Me: Yep.   You don't complain I never text you if when I do you're going to send a conversation killer that far into the conversation. No matter how many times I tell them why I don't text them that much they still do it, and complain that I don't text them enough. I try to revive the conversation which works for a short amount of time before they kill it again with "lol".  Some of you are probably thinking "Well that's because they probably don't actually want to text you. " That's what I'm saying, but why keep complaining I never text them. Yes, that could be just being polite, but that's not really necessary when you talk to the person every day. You say that as a way of saying "we should keep in touch" or "we need need to talk more"  or something like that. If you see the person everyday and hang out with them during school a lot, there's really no need to say that unless you actually want to text, and it's annoying!
     Another thing dealing with texting, when you text someone and they reply an hour later. I get that you're busy, but if I think that I'm going to stay busy for a while I won't reply until I'm done being busy. This way the person I reply doesn't get a text and think "Yay, I'll have someone to talk to now". Because when you reply an hour later and I reply 5 minutes later and you take another hour and a half to reply it's kind of annoying and at that point I don't want to reply quickly because that's like saying "I have no life, so you can reply 3 hours later if you want and I'll still reply with-in 10 minutes." So if you feel the need to text back, just say "I'm busy, I'll text you later" Or don't put the "I'll text you later part" It'll get you out of having to. Or just don't reply at all. It'll save us both a lot of trouble. 
    Another thing, when someone says "brb" should you reply? I never know, I feel like texting back saying "ok" will just interrupt them and annoy them, but I've also had people that if I didn't reply they would never text back, so like two hours later I would eventually text back "alrighty then" and they would reply straight back "I'm back" and I'll feel like an idiot. Then when it comes time for me to say that I'll be right back I don't know whether they're going to reply or not. So I'm not sure if I should wait until they reply before I start doing what I need to do, or not. 
    Last thing, "text language". If you don't know what most of the terms mean, don't use them. If you if you have no earthly clue how to spell the words you're texting, don't text them. Commas, use them. When I get a text like this, I get deeply confused but I don't want to question it because I feel like I'm mocking their horrible spelling....Okay, well I can't think of an example off the top of my head right now, but you should know what I mean. Text terms are okay, I use them some of the time. Mostly I only use: lol, ok, u, 2, &, b/t, and w/. A couple of those I'll only use if I'm out of characters. I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few teenagers who uses proper grammar during texts, I have to have my commas and punctuation or it kills me. I'm slowly getting used to other peoples bad grammar now. Thanks for reading my rant (you're the only one so far) enjoy your day.

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