Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Randomness #1: Realist POV

    I've never saw myself as being much of a realist but I guess I kind of am. Or I guess I'm a pessimist, maybe they're the same thing. Let's be honest, we spend all our school years trying to make friends, trying to fit in somewhere. Then we shed tears when graduation comes and the realization sets in that we'll never see most of them again. Even though we new that all along. You and your best friend say that you'll be friends for ever, keep in touch after school, but eventually both of you, or one of you, get busy and caught up in your new life you forget about each other. You may stay in touch occasionally but it'll never really be same. Now, lets play the scenario where you both go to the same college. You prolong the life of the friendship for another, what? Two years? Four? Then you end the same way you would have if you didn't go to the same college.
     We strive for that moment of complete happiness, only to be disappointed afterward because no other moments live up to that. We strive for the perfect relationship even though we know that the odds for it lasting for the rest of our lives are against us. Even if it does last we won't both die at the same time, one of us will be left alone only to miss what we had or remarry and doing it all over again. 
    We strive for that perfect job even though at any moment it could all fall apart, we mess up and get fired. Budget cuts and we get fired. We get a promotion that we've been dying for and it's not all it we thought it would be. Why strive for something when every good thing in life will end eventually and could end at any moment? Why make friends only for them to turn around choose someone else over you? There are very few people who stay friends for the rest of their lives, even fewer of those have long and happy life. Which brings me to my next question.
    What is a long and happy life? Is it 60 years of solid happiness? That may be what we strive for but that's impossible. Is it 60 years of happiness and sadness where there's more happiness than sadness? Is it determined by the things we accomplish? Those who have the most always seem to be saddest.
    I know that's not always true. None of the things I've written are always true besides the simple fact that everything ends. Except your true and final death. That my friends is the only thing that lasts forever. It's the one solid thing (yes, I mean besides plants, trees, rivers, oceans, etc. smartass.) that lasts a life time. I realize some of you (well there's no one who reads this but it sounds nice) will say "That's not true, after death you go to Heaven or Hell." That may be true. (I'm not sure yet. The whole idea of religion confuses me. I believe that it's possible there's a God and all but who knows for sure?) Aaaanyway but regardless only your soul goes there. Your body stays dead. If you would like to argue that your body goes to Heaven or Hell also tell that to the people who have to dig up graves for crime stuff. I know God's really power and all but from what I hear about the Devil I'm pretty sure he'd be one to mess with people and not return the body when he finds out about the people digging it up. Or maybe that's just me.
    This turned from my depressing thought on life to a show of my f'd up since of humor that isn't that humorous. Oh well. I was bored. Clearly I need a life. But why? It's just going to end. Hopefully in a fun way. I'd like to die in a way no one would expect. A way that after the sadness goes away people could smile or laugh at. Maybe get hit by a train (you won't get the true irony and hilarity of that. Unless you're one person) Or a bridge collapsing (I don't like going over bridges) Or from an overly nutritionized diet. (picky eater) Or lack of protein. (I like chicken) Or maybe from the most average death a person can have. (which I wish I could name off something like a heart attack or cancer, but those are all to likely possibilities given history)  Maybe I'll get killed by a hobo. (7-8th grade) Or stalker.(9-present) I'm just going to stop since no one that reads this is going to get any of the references.

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