Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Randomness #2: Change

    Tricky topic change is. You don't really notice it at first or while it's happening but then after it's done you think about it and realize 'Wow, that's completely different'. I'm mostly talking about change in surroundings, and life in general but interpret it anyway you'd like. Take a moment and think back to say ten years ago. Do you still live in the same place? Have you moved? What's it like in that place we used to call home? Small cities become crowed cities, crowed cities become violent with crime rates going through the roof, suburban areas become urban areas, way out in the country becomes suburban. The farms we used to pass on our way to school are now McDonald's. The houses we used to pass and picture old couples living a happy life in have been sold to construction companies. Farms become homes and homes becomes stores. Our best friends in Kindergarten don't even know our names by high school. The people we always thought we'd never lose touch with slowly fade away until it's hard to call them more than acquaintance. The people we swore we'd marry in middle school we swear we never knew in high school. But now I'm just  rambling, the purpose of this was to really think, not so much to get you to think but to think in general.
    Did you used to drive around an area all the time but didn't for a year or even a couple months? Then when you go back you can picture it just the way it was but now everything's different, roads are added, neighborhoods were built, more traffic, less relaxing. But still you know your way around like the back of your hand. It seems like everything's changing now in days. We may notice the changes while they're happening but it's not the same as when you look back and everything's different. The home we used to call home is no longer our home, or maybe it is but have you realized how much it's changed since you were little? If you move houses or states a lot maybe you can't relate to this but think about how your families have changed, were you and your sister/brother always so close? Have you strayed apart? 
    Some people like change, some people beg for it, some people just accept it and move on, others don't like it at all. Me? I'm a mix between all three. I accept the changes that have been made but look back and wish things were the exact same as when I was little, and yet I think of the future and beg for something bigger, brighter. To travel the world, or just get out of state see what else there is out there. Instead of being stuck in a place that's so familiar and holds so many memories of places that don't exist anymore or places that are to crowed. Yet I know when I get out of here I'll come back to see family, or maybe just come back because people usually do, and I'll see everything has changed even more then when I left. And I'll hate that to. 
    Change is all around us. It controls us. Controls the speed we travel. Maybe we need to make some changes to change our path, to get where we want. Maybe the change we need is technology to catch up to our ideas, maybe we don't need any change at all but we'll get it anyway and have to adapt to it. We can hate the changes all we want but in the end we have to live with it. We may not be the ones making the changes that effect us most but there's nothing we can do but adapt. Sure, we can fight the changes but by doing that it'll in some way some how change you. Maybe it changes people's view of you, maybe it changes your view of yourself. Who knows but no matter what change will happen and all we can do is live with it.

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