Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rant # 3: Idiots. Part one.

    Idiots, what would the world be with out them? Peaceful? Boring? Better? What defines someone as an idiot? Truth is, we're all idiots. At least to someone, somewhere, at some time or another. Some people call us an idiot because of the choices we make, or don't make. Or when we do something fun/stupid. Maybe you're thinking I'm an idiot for writing this. I wouldn't argue. Especially since this was supposed to be a  rant about how idiots get on my nerves so bad, or how much of an idiot I am. Which lately I'm beginning to think is more and more.
                                                      Idiots Annoying Me and the General Public
    It seems some people are just born to annoy us. Some people I think do it on purpose. And those are the ones that need to be thrown through an airplane window while it's going how ever fast they go how ever many miles in the air. Others don't mean to do it. They're just being themselves and it just so happens most people find it annoying. Those are the ones I feel sorry for and if they don't get on my nerves to bad I'll try to be-friend. And if they do get on my nerves I'll just sit back and feel sorry for them. But I'm not going to talk to them and try to help them change to fit in with reality. Because that's not them. And sooner or later they'll find someone who likes their annoying personality. Then they'll be friends or more than friends and happy until one of them goes and screws everything up and ruins every bit of friendship they ever had and now I'm ranting about something completely off topic and I should save for another day. So anyway back on the topic of Idiots, and I completely forgot what I was going to say at the beginning of this rant. That is a perfect example of me being an Idiot....To be continued...Maybe...
                                            Me being an Idiot.
    See for some reason I honestly thought that I could go to school and keep peace between people who have been fighting their whole lives even though they're more a like than ANYONE in this world. Well, firstly I'm an idiot because I put my trust in all the wrong people, I put to much faith in those I know don't deserve it. Why?... Well, I guess being an idiot works out perfectly for that answer now doesn't it? For some reason after I began to think that being a peacekeeper might be easier than I thought because they'd both try for me I honestly thought I could also have a bit of general happiness. But nope. Can't have peace in the family and complete happiness in the friends(ish) department. And I guess you can say karma struck me down for even thinking that and being so greedy. How dare I. So now I'm back to the way things were. No peace and no complete happiness in the friends(ish) department.

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