Sunday, March 10, 2013

Randomness #3: The Past

   We all have those days where it's perfect. The sun's shining, the temperature is almost perfect and you can't wait until it is time for you to go outside. Then BAM! Thinking of the past. Now you're mood is completely different. In this rant I'm going to stress right now that this is directed at the general public based on personal experiences. I'm saying this because this is one of those subjects that I have no idea where I'm taking it. Okay, so back on subject.
      The past is annoying to think about because pretty much everything in it you miss, and what you don't miss, well there's a reason you don't miss it isn't there?

    The past is filled with so much. The places we grew up that we don't get to be everyday.  The friends we made, the friends we lost. The family we never got to know, the family we knew all to well, and the family that we knew for so long only for them to to no longer be here. (I know, there's a better way to phrase that, I just can't figure it out.)
     The past if filled with so many memories and the tiniest thing can bring back a thousand. A picture, a place, a smell, view, even a ray of sun. It's the perfect days that bring on the most powerful memories of all. When the sun is just right, the clouds are perfect, the temperature amazing. These days are the days we long for. The days we spend all year waiting for. But when it comes for the first time in a long time it brings back so much. On these days the past isn't sad. It's...sullen. Yeah, sullen, that seems like the right word. It makes you just want to lay outside and remember. Remember the good times, remember the bad. Remember those you've loved, those who loved you, and those in between.

   The past can reveal so many things about who we used to be, but none of what we are. The way you deal with the past today makes you who you are tomorrow.

   Okay, that last line couldn't have sounded more cliche, but it's true. The only way the past can tell us who we are is the way we deal with it. If we deal with it in a bitter way, we're a bitter person. If we never let go of it we'll never move on. That's one thing about the past. Some people live in it. They can't accept that it's the past. They have to get it back. But it's the past for a reason. If you can't let go of your past, you can't move on to the future. Some people (I used to be one) spend weeks, months, years, even a life time living in the past and trying to get it back, that they don't realize how many opportunities that they're missing out on. But once they finally realize it and make one of the hardest decisions in the world- moving on from what's holding you back- their world is opened up and they see the opportunities. Just seeing the things that could be will put you in a so much better place than constantly staring at the things that were. 
   Whether it's a job, a life, a relationship, what ever it could possibly be, there are so many better ones out in the world waiting. Waiting on you to look forward and see them.
    So when it comes to the past, don't forget it. There's so many important memories, while they may not seem like it now when you take an occasion to look back in the future you'll want to remember. The people, the places, the jobs, the achievements, the fails. They make you what you are. But only you can decide who you will be. If you live in the past you'll miss out so much. Every day of living in the past is another missed opportunity, Everyday living for that day is so many opportunities you could have, but every day living for tomorrow is so many opportunities that you can have if you just try.
   Moral of the story? Relish in the past when you can, on the occasion but don't live there. Move on with life and take every opportunity you can.

Yes, I'm aware I went through 50 topics and ended on one that had nothing to do with any of them. But hey the blogs or for my random thoughts. Bye :)

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